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Life is complicated. Testing your water for lead shouldn't be.

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We mail you an empty bottle

We send you a sampling kit with a bottle to fill up from your sink.

We also include some simple instructions explaining how to take a good sample.

You fill it with water and send it back

Put your water-filled sample bottle back in the box.

Attach the pre-printed mailing label (no extra shipping costs). Leave it out for your postal worker to pick up.

We email you the results and recommendations

You get your scientific test results in 2 weeks or less.

You also get a clear and intuitive explanation of what the results mean, and more importantly, suggestions on what to do next!

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Test your water today

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More than 3,000 communities in the US have lead poisoning rates at least double than Flint, Michigan at its worst.

Reuters Investigation

Why test for lead

The CDC, pediatricians, health professionals, and the EPA all say: There is NO safe amount of lead. Even a little bit of lead can build up over time and be harmful, particularly to growing kids and people with health concerns. It hinders brain function, stunts child development, has long-term health implications, and can even be fatal.

Most people heard about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. But many people don't realize water issues are a problem in many communities around the country.

Living in an older house or neighborhood

Lead pipes were legal and commonly used in city water pipes and in homes before 1986.

Many cities haven't replaced their lead pipes. And while some houses have had pipes replaced over time, many have not.

You can't see or taste lead in water

There's no way to detect lead in your water just by tasting, smelling, or looking at it.

Only a professional lab using EPA compliant testing methods can tell you if, and how much, lead is in your drinking water.

Routine testing doesn't test your house

Most water testing is done by the local water utility at their treatment plants.

But from there, water travels through many pipes to get to your sink. There are many places along the way where lead can seep into your water.

Children younger than 6 years are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning, which can severely affect mental and physical development. At very high levels, lead poisoning can be fatal.

Mayo Clinic

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Find out what's in your water.
If there's lead, we'll help you figure out what to do next.

Test your water today

Our Story

We've spent years working in and around government to make public services better. After the stories from Flint, Michigan hit the headlines, we started worrying about our water. We wanted to make sure our water was safe to drink. We wanted to make sure our family's water was safe to drink.

We found a number of testing kits online and in stores, but they weren't very trustworthy. Then we tried to contact our local water testing labs, but ordering a single test was complicated. Government labs were too slow, hard to navigate, and face-less. Commercial labs were too expensive and only provided the data - full of scientific jargon and with no recommendations for what to do next. Both told us they spend little time with individual consumers, that they spend most of their time with industry and companies.

So we made a company.

We think it should be easy to find out whether someone has lead in their water. But right now it's not. So...

  • We found the top professional, government-certified labs so that you don't have to go looking.
  • We figured out how to work with them so you don't have to.
  • We reduced the cost to you by negotiating volume discounts.
  • We take care of the business stuff these labs need.
  • We reduced the ordering process to just a click of a button.

Water is important! After years of under-investment in public infrastructure, and with the changes of climate change now affecting us, we fear that the days of taking the safety of our drinking water for granted may be behind us. We advocate for policies to modernize our water system. In fact we hope those happen and they take us out of business.

But in the mean time, you should test your water yourself, if only to make sure. And we’ve built a service that makes that process simple, fast, and trustworthy.

Zachary Cohn - Cofounder of

Zac Cohn

Zac is a technologist and entrepreneur who cares about people's health and happiness. Most recently, Zac was a federal employee working for 18F - a digital consultancy inside the federal government. He worked with agencies including EPA, Census, Health & Human Services, GSA, and more, teaching them about agile product development, and leading projects. He also volunteers with Startup Weekend, teaching entrepreneurship around the world.

Read Holman, Cofounder of

Read Holman

Read is a public health expert with background and experience in areas of policy and management. Read previously worked in the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services helping to launch the HHS Idea Lab, an internal innovation unit helping modernize operations in the FDA, CDC, Medicaid, children and youth services, and other agencies. He also spent time in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.